Debt DAO Docs

Important Information

Debt DAO provides a product that enables Borrowers and Lenders to execute agreements in a programmatically secured way.
Before interacting with any Borrowers, with our app or with our smart contracts Lenders should read the introductory material about how Debt DAO contracts work in the Product and Overview sections as well as the different security considerations.

Lines of Credit

If you have advanced financial knowledge and actively manage your capital, you can select individual loans/borrowers that you want exposure to.
You should be comfortable negotiating directly with borrowers to agree on the terms and conditions of a new Line of Credit. You can learn later in this section how to set up and deposit into a new Line.
Alternatively if you're able to understand and appraise an existing Line, you can propose your own rates based upon how you perceive the risk.


If you don't want to actively manage your capital and/or don't have credit rating capabilities then you can deposit into a pool managed by a credit expert. The pool manager will decide which loans to invest in, collect interest payments, and execute liquidations as necessary.
This feature will be available in a future version of the app.