Debt DAO Docs

What is Debt DAO?

Debt DAO is the one stop shop for cryptonative credit, an open and permissionless debt Marketplace for DAOs and DeFi protocols.
As the first enabler of programmatic trustless secured lending, our focus is to facilitate the best debt financing in the most efficient way.
This will catalyse DAO growth and onchain activity.
Through our Line of Credit contract, DAOs and DeFi protocols with on-chain revenue (the initial target borrowers) can finance their operations and other dynamic funding needs through loans backed by their revenue. This revenue-based financing approach to cryptonative credit is enabled by our novel Spigot contract which enables more secure loans that are automatically repaid by borrowers in a trustless manner.
Debt DAO aims to be:
- The go-to venue for DAOs to easily source loans and related services.
- The platform for a wide diversity of use cases, providing plugins for borrowers and lenders to connect with each other so they can thrive in our Marketplace in a profitable, sustainable and low-friction manner