Debt DAO Docs


Core functions and methods of SecuredLine.sol
  • Combines both collateral modules (SpigotedLine.sol + EscrowedLine.sol) with the core lending functionality from LineOfCredit.sol
  • Create a fully Secured Lending Solution backed by Revenue Tokens via Spigot.sol and/or token collateral via Escrow.sol.
  • Allows transferring token collateral and Spigots to new Lines of Credit
  • External calls to - Oracle.sol, InterestRateCredit.sol, EscrowedLine.sol, Spigot.sol, 0x protocol
  • Libraries - LineLib.sol, SpigotedLineLib.sol
External Functions
function rollover(address newLine)external override onlyBorrower returns(bool)
function liquidate(uint256 amount,address targetToken) external returns(uint256)
function rollover(): Allows a Borrower to transfer escrowed token collateral and Spigots to a new Line of Credit
function liquidate(): Allows the Arbiter to liquidate collateral