Debt DAO Docs

Edge Cases and Risk Situations

In this section, we explain some risk situations, whether they are managed and covered automatically, and what the procedure is case by case.
Attack vectors mainly focus around the risk to Lenders' deposits, there are also risks to consider for Borrowers too.
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Bad Actor Claiming Revenue Tokens from a Spigot
Negative Impact of Whitelisted functions on the Spigot
Upgradeable Revenue Contract
Attack on Revenue Contract
Intentional Default by Borrower
Malicious Spigot Owner
Borrower Trading Revenue Tokens for a Fake Credit Token
Abuse of Split of Revenue Tokens from a Spigot
Borrower can still claim Revenue Tokens from a Spigot after failing to repay by the end of the term
Malicious Arbiter could transfer Spigot Ownership to a Borrower before a loan has been repaid
Borrower can prevent Lender from withdrawing (and can minimize drawn interest accruing)